This is what customers that have made recent purchases are saying about their dogs or horses:
"Ever heard the saying 'born broke'?  I've never personally experienced breaking a horse that fit that description until now. Cancun Fever has exceeded our expectations.  She's been under saddle for 3 weeks now and WOW!  This girl has got the brakes and man does she have the cow sense.  Rick and Pat are doing something special at Spotted Fever Ranch.  No doubt in our mind we look forward to doing more business with them in the future."

Blaine and AnnMarie Perry

North Carolina

Luna is my second horse that I've purchased from Spotted Fever Ranch.  She by far is the most talented that I've owned.  I'm presently working with her as a potential reined cow horse and we're planning on showing during the 2024 season.  She's been amazing to train, she's a great all around horse that nearly anyone is able to ride.  My friend's 7-year old daughter was riding her on trail, by herself as a newly started 2- year old colt.

  The breeding program that Spotted Fever Ranch has designed provides their horses with the best setting to develop great body condition and minds.  These horses are born on pasture and live on the 300 acres free to roam with their mothers, cousins, aunts, and uncles in as natural of an environment as is possible in a domestic setting.  They learn to be a horse, similar to what one is able to observe with the wild mustangs.

I recommend to my clients who are looking for a horse and haven't figured out what type of horse or discipline of riding that they check out Spotted Fever Ranch's horses.  I often invite potential horse owner's over to visit with me and my horses for a meet and greet and often let them ride too.  I love showing off their training and personalities plus the amazing colors they both have.  One of my clients who recently rode my horses stated "this is the first time that I've been on a horse and felt safe."

Joe McClellan

Iron Horse Hoof Care, LLC

Longmont, CO

   I purchased "Cruz" over a year ago from Rick and I could not be happier.  When I picked him up he loaded into the trailer, no problem, was on the trailer for 6 hours and was unloaded at the vet for a health check then back on the trailer to the barn.  This would be a lot for any horse but this yearling acted like he had been doing this for years.  Rick breeds very level headed horses, that are not shut down.   The first ride I did was bareback and in a halter!  I have never seen such a level headed young horse.  To top it off, Rick continues to check in on  how he is doing and where he is in his training, he truly does care about how his horses are doing.  Rick is so knowledgeable about his horses and the bloodline that he is creating!  I couldn't be more blessed that I found Rick and that I have the most amazing young horse.


Denver, Colorado