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Sable Fever Shepherds

Welcome to Sable Fever Shepherds, a division of Spotted Fever Ranch.  We are so proud of our sable and our black German shepherds that we created this webpage to share them with you.  We have had several types of GSD's in the past, and we researched long and hard before we decided to purchase our first Czech GSD import.  Why Czech?  Why imported?  We wanted to avoid inherent  hip and elbow problems so common among American bred GSD's.  We wanted the whole package: health, longevity, companionship, protection, loyalty, and the ability to take these dogs as far as their capabilities will allow them to go.

Our German shepherds are raised on our working ranch in southern Colorado.  Highly intelligent, their bloodlines have been used for police work, tracking, search and rescue, narcotics detection, dock diving competition, and personal protection.  We have used them for moving and herding our cattle!  They make loyal and wonderful family members and that is 'the job' that is the role for most of our dogs.  Many people refer to this line of breeding as "fifteen year dogs" as their health and physical well being usually results in a companion that is with us considerably longer than the typical large breed dog. 

Our shepherds Raven and Cinder have all been hip and elbow x-rayed and tested for degenerative myelopathy.  the tests show good on hips and elbows and clear for DM.  We only have one litter per year and it is usually a mixture of sables and blacks.

Please enjoy these pictures and contact us if you are interested in getting on our puppy waiting list.

Xena & Max

These are the two that started it all at Sable Fever Shepherds. They were both imported from the Czech Republic and all of the puppies pictured and our current breeding female, Cinder, go back to these two awesome dogs.

This is Raven, our solid black Czech female and Nugget, her daughter. These two ladies are the dams of all of the the puppies and adult dogs pictured on our website. They have brought such joy to their owners! We have retired them and they are on the ranch living out their one best lives.

 The solid black shepherds are fairly rare and only occur if each sable parent has a recessive black gene and passes it.  This will occur 25% of the time.  Raven, therefore, carries two recessive black genes and when mated with a sable male who carries the one recessive black gene, half the litter should be black and half will be sable.  If Raven was bred to a black stud, all the puppies would be black.  Raven is bigger than average for a Czech bred female and always has a very shiny coat, which we really admire.  We can never take her any place without people inquiring about and admiring her for the unusual dog that she is.  She has recently been retired from having puppies and passed that assignment on to her granddaughter, Cinder.

SFR's Cinder Fever

This is Cinder who we plan on having a litter from in early '24

Former Stud Dogs

These are some of the stud dogs that we have used in our breeding program and produced some of the dogs seen in the following pictures.

6 to 8 week old Puppies

Puppy Socialization

We raise our puppies in close proximity to us. They grow up with cooking aromas, vacuums running, background chatter, music , and television. We have a growing family and our kids and grandkids ALWAYS are walking around with a puppy in their arms. In fact, they bypass us, arms outstretched, mouths agape, and go directly to the whelping crate to grab a puppy instead of greeting us!

Puppies Growing Up

Mature Dogs

Please enjoy these pictures of some of our puppies grown up.


Is a female that lives In Montana. This one I need to brag about.  She is in to dock diving and at 8 months old made it to the nationals.  Sisu is a litter mate to our breeding female, Cinder!

All of our puppies are weaned on day 49. They are priced at $3000.

 For all dog inquiries please contact Pat: