Spotted Fever Ranch 


Blue Legend Fever

We are currently using this 3 year old as our herd stallion and his first colt crop is hitting the ground now.

Line bred Blue Valentine & Hancocks Blue Boy on top and bottom

WT Blue Wolf Fever

This yearling colt will be crossed on some of our Quarters and Paints beginning next year.

Hey, when I get bigger, can I have your job?

Royal Blues CD

This is an exciting stallion that we will be using on Emiee, Alexia and Leah this spring!

He is powerfully line bred Peptoboonsmal, Peppy San Badger and Doc Bar and when we cross him with our line bred Hancocks, the colts should be very predictable as 'cowy', athletic, balanced, black, and attractive.

These are some of the most influential stallions found in our pedigrees.

Blue Valentine - Gooseberry - Hancocks Blue Boy

Leo Hancock Hayes

Black Hawke & CF Whirlin Thunder

owned by Ackerman Performance Horses