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The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. ~Sharon Ralls Lemon



Nestled in the heart of the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado, Spotted Fever Ranch gives you the unique opportunity to view wild mustangs in their natural habitat. The ranch is the culmination and realization of our dreams. Since establishing the ranch, we discovered and have grown to love these wild icons of American culture and want to share this extraordinary experience with you.

We do not conduct "nose to tail" trail riding; rather, you will ride with us on 60,000 acres of open range. We do not offer tennis courts, hot tubs or large social gatherings. We do not have a "mess hall" or bunk houses; rather, you will join us for delicious meals and conversation at our table.

If mustangs in their natural habitat, Texas Longhorns, pretty paint horses, and quiet settings with no strangers around appeal to you, stick around!
Please, take some time to enjoy our website. and consider us for your next unique western vacation. Read what these guests have to say about their experiences "what our guests are saying"

Spotted Fever Ranch was formed in 1983 in northern Colorado where we raised "spotted" Appaloosas and soon after that "spotted" Texas Longhorn cattle. To stay consistent, we even had a spotted dog, spotted rabbits, and spotted chickens. It seemed natural to want everyone else to catch our "spotted fever;" thus, Spotted Fever Ranch and our brand were born.

In 1999 we switched to raising registered paint horses. The ranch name was well entrenched by this time and still seemed to sound right, so we kept it! We bought our 300 acre southern ranch in 2006 when it found us (interesting story!) and decided that the San Luis Valley would be our new and permanent home. The horses and cattle thrive here and look awesome with a backdrop of snow-covered mountains in any direction.

Upon learning that there are a large number of wild mustangs in the area, we switched from mountain trail riding to exploring the mustang terrain. We soon started taking friends with us to enjoy our new find!

It was an easy and natural progression to start taking others to view these wild and spectacular creatures. Now, along with our horse and cattle operation, we have opened up a small guest ranch to share these spectacular icons of the American West with you. We limit visits to no more than six guests at a time so we can provide a quiet and unique experience. Yours will be the only party booked for the time you have reserved.

We tailor the mustang viewing to suit how you want to observe these beautiful animals. If you like to vacation with your horse, please bring him along and ride him to do the mustang viewing. If you just want a quiet place to relax in a western atmosphere, our neighbors are a long ways away, there is no highway noise, and we have a beautiful 360 degree view of the mountains.

Spotted Fever Ranch is proud to present another reason to love visiting... Sable Fever Shepherds


You will only be a stranger until you drive through the front gate! We look forward to seeing you at Spotted Fever Ranch!


Rick and Pat Binger on horseback.
Rick & Pat Binger



Spotted Fever Ranch
12525 Rd R.5
San Acacio, CO 81151


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